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Like many Mums I'm always busy and always on the lookout for quick dinner ideas that pass the 'yum test'. But as I'm pretty health-conscious and have friends with allergies, I know it's often a struggle to find pre-blended seasonings that aren't packed with MSG, preservatives and artificial nasties. Like most kiwis, my experimenting with herbs and spices came from those generic little supermarket boxes. However, once I discovered the incredible flavour you get from using more exotic, freshly ground spices, a whole new world of gourmet taste opened up!  

I've always wanted Raptor Rubs to be delicious, easy to use and as natural as possible. Packed with gourmet ingredients my foodie friends would be proud to use, but easy enough to make the not so master-chefs look good. My 8 year old daughter always helps with her favourite Raptor Rubs Herbes Chicken Rub and my Aunty never cooks her roasts without a sprinkle of our Provence Lamb Rub. I've even had people tell me at tasting demos that their children or husband won’t eat their steak or chicken without their Raptor Rubs! 

I would love to hear your feedback or requests for new flavours. I always have some tasty experiments just waiting to be fine-tuned.

Happy cooking and happy eating

Rachael (The Rubmaker)


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